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Engineer Project Manager

  • Since 2017, October AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE

    Procurement engineer at AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE, GETAFE, ES Develop and implement commodity strategies in order to ensure short and long term competitiveness, and ensure consistency on all Procurement actions for the commodity.

    Mission: leading RFP processes (cost analysis, market research, selection re- ports and E—proc phase). Contract preparation. Negotiation.



    Project management of production optimization and application of Lean Manufacturing.

    Mission: creation of one standard tools allowing a vision of the production of points of view load / capacity, flexibility and costs.

  • 2014 / 2017 SCHNEIDER—ELECTRlC Master — Tech

    Apprentice engineer at SCHNEIDER—ELECTRlC Master — Tech, MOIRANS. FR.

    Methodist engineer in training: account manager, project management, management of team department and production,Lean Manufacturing, optimization of production.

    Mission: several Kaizen projects to meet the need of the production, and improve each of the SQDCE points

  • 2013 / 2014 EDF Center Hydraulic Engineering

    Work-Linked at EDF, in the Center Hydraulic Engineering Bourget du Lac, FR

    Assistant project manager: study, conception, call for tenders, control of works

  • 2014 / 2017 TRAINING

    Master‘s degree of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, ECAM, LYON, FR.

    Apprentice engineer at Schneider-Electric, MOIRANS, FR.

    Diploma: Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, speciality Project manager.

  • 2012 / 2014 TRAINING

    Two year undergraduate diploma of Manufacturing and Mechanics,

    GRENOBLE, FR. Apprentice engineer at EDF-CIH, FR.